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Tammy's Ranch Dressing Mix

When I first began making ranch dressing mix from scratch, I started with the ranch dressing recipe from Self-Reliance by Jamie:
I still LOVE her taco seasoning mix and onion soup mix recipes and use them regularly, although we personally find the sugar in the onion soup recipe unnecessary.
Unfortunately, while the ranch dressing recipe was one that others I knew used (because they would send me theirs and it was the same), I didn't care for it as much as the store bought because of the overpowering onion flavor it had.
I tried and experimented and came up with my own recipe which follows. (Please note: different brands of garlic powder have different strengths. You may prefer to start off with a tablespoon less garlic powder and increase by teaspoons as you make up the batches. And just add a bit more garlic if needed  to your prepared ranch dressing as needed.) We like it this way.
Following the recipe as is makes …
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Woohoo! I'm a "North Country Farmer" Guest Tonight

I am honored to be a guest tonight at 7:00 pm CST on Scott M. Terry's "North Country Farmer" radio show, even though I am in the south. :-) To listen in tonight or listen later, go to: Country Farmer Radio Show.

My public speaking students get to do a little "turnabout is fair play" tonight and critique my speaking skills, including counting my ah's and um's. I better be on my toes tonight! :-)

The topics tonight will include:

"Homesteading mistakes: Yeah, we've made a few" a la Queen's "We Are the Champions" theme in my head as I write this.Know what you and your spouse both can and are willing to do - and what you can't do or aren't willing to doGardening alternatives for bad or rocky soilPreparing for spring storms or summer wildfires I hope you join in - or listen later if you can't tonight.

Edit: I am terribly sorry about the feedback on the line. …

Tammy's Ginger Tea

I loved reading the original Trim Healthy Mama book, even though it was a bit rambling. There was really good information in it regarding relationships, easy ways of incorporating exercise, and it addressed one concern I had about my children who did not need to lose any weight eating the same food we did - we give them milk with each meal. They sometimes get extra treats, too, but the biggest help was giving them milk.

I had a problem that I needed to address for my health. My parents ran concession stands when I was little and a restaurant when I was a teenager - free soda pop. That had no impact on a very active little girl, but as a young adult who was hooked on soda pop, working at a desk job 12 hours a day 5-7 days per week, it had a huge impact. I needed a way to break my addiction to sodas. Enter: Ginger Tea.

I knew the health benefits of ginger - stomach benefits, cinnamon - anti-microbial, helps with weight loss and insulin insensitivity, and turmeric - anti-inflammatory, natu…

Computer Science Curriculum

In searching for a middle school or high school computer science curriculum for your student here are some points to consider:
1.Does it include a basic history of computers? This should include: •The first computer programmer – Ada Lovelace (pronounced “Loveless”), a woman, and the daughter of Lord Byron, the poet •The first computer designer, Charles Babbage and “Babbage's machine” •At least some brief history of the development of computers through the years. 2.Does it include computer terminology? •What constitutes a “computer?” •A definition of computer components: •Hardware versus software •Hard copy versus soft copy •Personal computer versus mainframe and mini-computers •Closed system versus Open system computers •Filenames and file extensions •Central Processing Unit (CPU) •Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), particularly important for children wanting to be game developers or testers •Random Access Memory (RAM) – a bonus would be to understand sequential access from a historical perspective …

Internet Security

We've all heard how important Internet Security is. Maybe you or someone in your family has had information compromised, credit or debit card information stolen, your identity stolen, your computer crash temporarily or even irrecoverably, or had someone stalk you or your children because of another person gaining access to personal information. The problem, sadly, is pervasive in today's society. If your information has been compromised or you have suffered through one of these circumstances, please feel free to comment on what you have done to rectify the situation and how you work to prevent this in the future. How can you protect yourself and your family?

Make sure you have a current Internet security system. An Internet security system includes Anti-virus, anti-adware, and anti-malware products as well as means to detect and protect your computer environment from people who are sniffing to detect key information traveling through the Internet.
I have been using anti-virus …

Why We Homeschool

It all started in 2003 when I married my dear husband who had two boys. He had reared them for the past few years with the help of his mother while he worked. She passed away in 2001, so it was up to him to do that by himself. The boys were typical boys – they loved everything outdoors and did not like sitting still for long. They went to a small school, but were making poor grades. They just hurried through their assignments so they could be done with them, but they were not learning the material. When children bring home C's and D's from school and they have a class of 10 or less children they are simply not doing their school work. At this time, the school had a no homework policy. Everything was done in school, so a parent had no idea how the children were doing until report cards came out unless they checked up on the students. I wound up doing the latter. I required DS2, we'll call him “Lucky Charms,” to bring home his history and science each day so we could review…

Remembering September 11, 2001: A Life That Was Changed

Today, we remember all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 as well as those who signed up to serve our country in answer to this tragedy and have lost life or limb or who have subsequently suffered mental illness. We pray for our world and for our leaders. We pray that our children and our children's children will not know this type of tragedy. We each have our own stories of this day in 2001. Many of us were changed from the inside because ofit. I know I was. My job to that point required working long days and weekends. We all missed time with family and friends and many of us missed time with God all for temporary purposes – software that would be outdated quickly and working hard to earn the things money could buy. What I learned that day is how little things mean, but how truly important people are. I think we all called (or tried to call) our family and friends that day to tell them we loved them and how important they were to us. We all loved a little deeper an…